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Home of QUALITY  Goldendoodles

 Standard (50-80 lbs)

Medium (35-50 lbs)

Mini (18-35 lbs)

F1,F1B, & F2B

the IDEAL family dog

at  a Reasonable Price

We Perform Temperament Testing On All Puppies



Please read "Frequently Asked Questions"

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Charley & Anna Louiso




All sires and dams are registered with  CKC, OFA, & CERF. Poodles and Golden Retrievers are all excellent quality AKC registered dogs.

We are honest, caring, knowledgeable people.

Our dogs are family members, and have several acres to run and play. We are breeders because we dearly love and believe in goldendoodles. We wish to better the breed, and share them with loving families.

We became interested in doodles because we already had poodles  and goldens in our family, and we understand the qualities of each:


  • Do not SMELL!!
  • Do not shed
  • Are hypoallergenic
  • Are top ranked in intelligence
  • Are high maintenance (grooming)

     Golden Retrievers

  • Easy going, eager to please
  • Low maintenance grooming
  • Shed ALOT (and smell like dogs!)

We believe this cross breed produces very healthy dogs (hybrid vigor), with puppies exhibiting the best qualities of each breed:

  • Low to non-shedding coat
  • Low to no doggy odor
  • Low allergy coat
  • Outstanding intelligence, trainability, and loveableness!


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