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-What is the process for adopting a puppy ?

First, email us for an adoption form. Once you receive it, fill it out and send back to us. We will contact you via e-mail when the form is received. We will then correspond by e-mail if it is mutually decided that one of our puppies is right for your family, you will then need to place a deposit.


If the type of puppy you want is not born, we will gladly hold the deposit for a future litter.

Balances are due in CASH ONLY when you pick-up your puppy in person.


You must be ready for your pup when he/she is age 8 weeks. Pups go home at 8 weeks old. Pick-up schedules are sent once the litter has been reserved, around 5-6 weeks old.

The pick-up date is posted on the website with the litters pictures. A time will be arranged with you for the pick-up on that date. If you cannot make it on pickup day, we will call you at the agreed time to pick your puppy over the phone.



-What is the difference between F1 & F1B?

These numbers stand for the type of cross the puppy is:

F1=50% poodle, 50% golden retriever. Coats are usually long, slightly wavy, and require brushing about once per week, especially behind the ears and the belly. This type coat is very beautiful, but will shed in some dogs. This coat is usually allergy friendly (regarding dander allergies, not saliva), but not always.


F1B=75% poodle, 25% golden retriever. This is an F1 goldendoodle bred to a poodle. Coats are usually thick waves, loose curls, or tight curls. Requires more thorough brushing several times per week to avoid matting. The curly type coat can often require professional grooming, and can have the 'sculpted' look. Shedding is practically non-existent, and the coat is very hypo-allergenic.

-Can you explain the different sizes of your Goldendoodles?

Standards are a cross between a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever. They are typically fairly tall, and appear very large partly due to their long shaggy coats. They weigh 55-80 lbs.


Mediums are a cross between a Miniature Poodle male and a Golden Retriever female. Or, they may be a cross between a miniature Goldendoodle male and a medium/standard Goldendoodle female. They weigh 40-55 lbs.


Minis are a cross between a Miniature Poodle or Goldendoodle male and a miniature Goldendoodle female. These dogs weigh 25-40 lbs.

Petite minis are a cross between a small miniature Goldendoodle female and a small miniature or toy poodle. These dogs weigh 10-25 lbs.

-What kind of food will I need to buy?

Canidae "All Life Stages" dry dog food is what we use with all of our dogs.  After extensive research, we have determined this to be the best food for the price. We HIGHLY recommend you visit to find out why we don't recommend ANY dog foods sold in grocery stores or most pet store chains. Canidae is a 'human grade' dog food & is the least expensive of the human grade dog foods. There are some foods that may be a little better, but we find them cost prohibitive. If you don't choose Canidae, you may transition your pup slowly from our food to yours (we will give you a small bag of Canidae to take home).



-How are your puppies socialized?

Our puppies are born and raised in our home. If we have more than 1 litter, they are raised in our temperature controlled attached garage. They are brought inside daily for playing/interaction with us. If the weather is nice, they go to our back deck during the day for fresh air and play. The pups are weaned from their mothers at age 6 weeks. We continue to play with them on a daily basis until they leave us for their new homes at 8 weeks. 


-Do you have a contract we must sign?

Only the health guarantee, which is on our website for your review. There is also an adoption form you must complete, just so we have your information at hand.


-What do you expect from the new family?

Your puppy must live in your home--not outside. Crate training is the method we strongly suggest for house breaking.

If you have young children, they must not treat the puppy as a toy. The children should be taught how to properly treat the pup, and should be supervised at all times with the puppy. Even though goldendoodles love children, no pup should suffer the abuse that some kids can dish out--it will definitely be detrimental to the puppy's developing personality.

Any dog can become a huge 'pain in the butt' by developing unwanted habits. With the goldendoodle, you are starting out with a wonderful, loving, intelligent breed. There is no reason except for poor training that these puppies will cause any problems in your household. It is imperative you know how to properly crate train and obedience train your dog.

The puppy must stay on a natural, healthy diet!


-How do we go about training our puppy?

First, please visit the website We highly recommend, and agree with the training methods used here. Read everything carefully, several times, before you get your puppy. Start to implement the advice as soon as puppy arrives. Next, enroll your pup in 'puppy classes', or regular obedience classes if the pup is over  4-5 months. There's nothing like hands on training. Remember, a well-trained puppy is a well-loved puppy (and vice versa).

Puppies are chosen on pickup day (around 8 weeks old) in order of deposits received. 

Each puppy is sent home with a toy, bag of food, treats, 2 year health guarantee, and health record.

Routine de-wormings and vaccinations are given before going home

--We love all things natural- If interested, ask for details--

Prices vary based on size, color, generation, etc.

      Deposits are $350 and reserve picking order.

Returning customers get a $200 discount.

Remaining balance is due on day puppy is picked up.

Please add 6% KY tax to the total of your puppy.

Don't forget to visit our FAQ page for info on the food your pup will be sent home with along with other important info!

-All you need is love.... and a Golden Doodle-

Please e-mail us to request a copy of our 2-Year Health Guarantee and Puppy Adoption Form.

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