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Welcome to Loveable Doodles Goldendoodles

 Since 2003, our family has been dedicated to the Goldendoodle

Our goal is to better the breed, produce only the best to bring many years of happiness to your family.


F1& F1B petite (toy), mini, medium, and standard sizes

Wavy- Curly NON-shedding- Golden, apricot, and red coats


All of our puppies are given a happy and healthy start to life, born and raised in our home.

Once old enough to play, they interact daily with our family, which includes our 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter.

They are never left alone and we make sure all their needs are met from the moment that they arrive. 

Since 2003, our doodles have been fed an all-natural diet.

Both adults & puppies are given Canidae 'All Life Stages' Multi-Protein dry dog food, in addition to daily vitamins and supplements to ensure optimal growth and health. Organic goats milk is given to the puppies to make the weaning process comfortable and to make the transition to hard food easier.


Each puppy is sent home with a toy, bag of food, treats, 2 year health guarantee, and health record.

Routine de-wormings and vaccinations are given before going home

--We love all things natural- If interested, ask for details--

-All you need is love.... and a Golden Doodle-

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