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We have a limited visitation policy, due to the extreme risk of spreading disease and harming our puppies.

In the past 10 years, parvo virus has become epidemic. This virus is deadly to young puppies, and has been known to kill entire litters in just days. It is impossible to treat, and uniformly fatal. One thing that makes protection from this virus so difficult is that it is extremely hardy. It can live in an outdoor environment, even among blistering or freezing conditions, for many months. It is easily carried on clothing or shoes. Someone could walk through a parking lot at the mall the week before visiting, pick up the virus on their shoes, and bring it into the breeder's environment. This event could occur months before the puppies are born, and still place them at risk.

Because of these things, visitation to Loveable Doodles is limited to certain times, and certain areas of our home and kennel.

Visitation is limited to times when there are no puppies, or the puppies have had their vaccination. In addition, visitors will be limited to staying in a specific 'viewing area'. 

Also, visitors will be asked to use hand sanitizer before touching the puppies.

Visitors are also asked to set up an appointment for visitation. Due to our very busy schedule, we are unavailable for 'short notice' visits.

When visiting, we ask that each visitor call us when they are getting off the expressway. We need to be ready when you arrive, to provide booties, hand sanitizer, etc.

Thank you in advance for understanding, and adhering to our visitor policy.


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